How to Care for a Pit bull Puppy

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How to Care for a Pit bull Puppy

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If you are a new pit bull puppy parent, you may be wondering how to take proper care of your pup to ensure you raise them well. Below we discuss some of the most important areas of care you should attend to.



You should start socialising your pit bull puppy very early to ensure he gets along well with other dogs. This way, you should experience no problems when he or she is all grown up. Begin by socialising your pup on a lead. Call out his name and reward him for looking at you.

Once he listens to your instruction, you can let him sniff the other dog. If he interacts positively with the other dog – i.e. sniffs or tries to play with it, give him a treat. But, if he barks, growls or gets over-excited, you should put him in a time-out space until he calms down. The interaction should be kept brief and positive.



It’s important to train any pup to ensure they become a well-behaved adult dog. As pit bulls are high energy dogs, they are likely to jump on guests and pull at their leads. A training class is a very good idea while they are young and trainable.

Moreover, your pup will learn to socialise at a puppy class as they’ll be surrounded by other dogs. When introducing your pittie to a guest, keep him on a lead and don’t let him jump while greeting. That way, your pup will learn that they can only greet when they are calm.

When it comes to walks, you should stop walking as soon as your pup starts to pull on the lead. When your pit bull puppy allows the lead to loosen and turns around, you should praise them and go on walking. You will bond better and prevent any negative habits from forming.



Pit bulls are highly energetic dogs and need a lot of exercise. Let your pup exercise for an hour every day. These dogs love to play, run and chase. So let your pup play with the other dogs and he’ll burn up lots of energy and be calmer at home.



Pit bulls are generally very healthy dogs as they are a mixed breed. However, allergies can develop if they aren’t fed high quality food. Get them food that is high in protein and low in grains. If your pup starts to scratch or nibble at themselves repeatedly, they may need better quality food. Also be sure not to let your pit bull puppy over-eat as extra weight may lead to hip and elbow problems. You should be able to feel your pup’s ribs easily.

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