Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

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hd-wallpapers-funny-pitbull-dog-wallpaper-funnycute-black-pet-1280x1024-wallpaperYou may be surprised to know just how many people in your life are proud pit bull parents. And what better way to find out if pit bulls are – as the media claims – dangerous, than to get a first-hand account?

I decided to do just that – instead of jumping aboard the ignorant pit bull haters’ team.  How can we damn a whole breed, when every dog clearly has its own unique personality? Any dog parent will strongly agree that each and every fur child is one of a kind.

How is this sort of prejudice any different from the countless biases and assumptions that have prevailed since the beginning of time?pit-bull_0

The pit bull parents I spoke to had nothing but love and good things to say about their furry friends – not a single account of viciousness. To answer the question: are pit bulls dangerous? I asked them what their canine kids were really like – bad reputation, sketchy statistics and media smear campaign aside.

You may consider the below qualities dangerous, but if you do – you’re likely a closet cat person…

  • Cuddle Monsters

Pit bulls are shameless snuggle addicts. So, if you feel threatened by oodles of affectionate, living, breathing hot water bottles and dogged nap buddies, pit bulls are probably not for you.


  • Hairy Stalkers

Are you petrified of having a second shadow, an incurably curious canine, and a firm furry friend by your side for life? How about never feeling the pang of loneliness ever again? If these qualities send a shiver down your spine, then you’re clearly not about the pit bull life.

  • Live Wires

Imagine having a live-in personal trainer, only a fun, goofy one with a drool-dripping grin and big, beautiful eyes that could win over the most stubborn of layabouts. This is exactly what you’ll get with a boundlessly motivated, impressively athletic pit bull.


  • Fiercely Loyal Furries

If you couldn’t think of anything worse than a fiercely loyal furry friend, who has your back 24/7, with a nose for the baddies and a bark that will send them running scared; then you’re not fit for the pit.

So, there you have it – straight from the mouths of pit bull parents!

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