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With over 20 years experience in Pitbull breeding we have built a reputation of pedigree dogs.


Our goals is to continuously better the breed. We are very committed to ensure a better breed of Pitbull for the whole of South Africa.


Placing our dogs in caring and loving environments is extremely important to us we take great care in ensuring our dogs and placed as such.

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10 Reasons Why Some Dogs Lose

By William Given You do not need to have been showing dogs very long to have been afforded the opportunity to learn that some dog lose. Some dogs lose as frequently as they win. Some dogs lose far more often than they win. Dogs lose for a whole host of reasons. I am going to

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Pitbull puppies in Cape Town

Pitbull puppies in Cape Town are a sought after breed. Although there is a stigma around this type of dog, they are the favourite option of many. Often seen around Cape Town, pitbull puppies are thought of by owners as entirely loyal dogs. Raising pitbull puppies is a very important process, not only must the

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Worlds Largest Pitbull and Puppies

Hulks…smash? World’s largest pitbull gives pricey offspring The largest pitbull in the world, aptly named “Hulk” has recently given off an incredible litter of puppies. As it turns out, having this title to his name makes these pups rather sought after, and as such the owner is expecting to get hefty sums for each pup.

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How to Care for a Pit bull Puppy

If you are a new pit bull puppy parent, you may be wondering how to take proper care of your pup to ensure you raise them well. Below we discuss some of the most important areas of care you should attend to.   Socialisation You should start socialising your pit bull puppy very early to

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How did the Pit bull Breed Develop?

If you are a pit bull parent or considering getting one of these popular pets, you may have done some research on how the pit bull breed developed. In which case, you may be interested to know that pit bulls are in fact a mixed breed, with different genetics, features and behaviours. American Pit Bull

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Pitt Bull

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

You may be surprised to know just how many people in your life are proud pit bull parents. And what better way to find out if pit bulls are – as the media claims – dangerous, than to get a first-hand account? I decided to do just that – instead of jumping aboard the ignorant

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Gorgeous Pups Born 20 April 2015

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Announcing new born puppies!  Looking for family homes. To Enquire: Call 081 366 9843 or email admin@mazalpitbulls.co.za

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New Pit Bull Terrier Puppies!!! Now Available – November 2014

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We are extremely excited to announce we have a beautiful batch of the most stunning Pit Bull Terrier Puppies available for good homes. Our sought after Pit bulls makes for the perfect pet, as both an amazing family companion and as an exceptional guard dog, our Pit Bull Terrier Puppies are bred to love and support

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Mazal Pit Bull Terriers – South Africas Best Pitbull Breeder

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Mazal Pit Bull Terriers Breeders We are proudly one of the foremost breeders of the Pit Bull Terriers in South Africa. We believe in a holistic approach and we have spent an enormous amount of time studying and bettering the Pit Bull Terrier breed with in South Africa. Pit Bull Terriers are amongst the most

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